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Bulletin No. 18

This bulletin was published in Synthese Volume 123 No. 1 (2000) 153--162, 10.1023/A:1017277701972.



Executive Committee:


Former Presidents († = deceased):

The Executive Committee of the Division is composed of the President, the Vice-Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer and the immediate Past President. The Council consists of the Executive Committee plus the Assessors.


Local Organizing Committee (∗ = Chair):

J. Woleński, M. Heller, J. Kabzinski, A. Łomnicki, J. Misiek, A Pelczar, Zd. Piątek, T. Placek, A. Rojszczak, A. Staruszkiewicz, W. Suchon, E. Szumakowicz, J. Szymura, E. Wojciechowski, A. Wronski, E. Żarnecka-Biały.

National Organizing Committee (∗ = Chair):

J. Woleński, S. Amsterdamski, Zd. Augustynek, T. Batóg, A. Bronk, G. Bryll, W. Buszkowski, R. Duda, T. Grabinska, A. Grobler, A. Grzegorczyk, L. Guinanski, K. Ilałkowska, J. Hawranek, H. Hiż, J. J. Jadacki, E. Kałuszynska, J. Kalinowski, S. Kiczuk, J. Kmita, W. Krajewski, Cz. Lejewski, M. Lubanski, G. Malinowski, W. Marciszewski, R. Murawski, J. Mycielski, E. Nieznanski, L. Nowak, I. Nowakowa, M. Omyla, E. Orlowska, L. Pacholski, J. Paśniczek , Zd. Pawlak, J. Perzanowski, E. Pietruska-Madej, K. Piróg-Rzcpecka , A. Skowron, B. Stanosz, J. Such, L.W. Szczerba, M. Tempczyk, J. Tiuryn, K. Trzçsicki, M. Urchs, B. Węglorz, A. Wiśniewski, P. Wójtylak, B. Wolniewicz, R. Wójcicki, A.K. Wróblewski, U. Wybraniec-Skardowska, M. Zabierowski, K. Zamiara, J. Zybmunt, E. Zabski, J. Życinski.

General Program Committee (∗ = Chair):

P. Gärdenfors∗ (Sweden), F. Jackson (Australia), L. Pacholski (Poland), E. Sober (USA), J. Stern (France), S. Uchii (Japan).

Sectional Program Committees (∗ = Chair):

Special Symposia and their Chairs:

  1. A Hundred Years of the Philosophy of Science. R. Hilpinen.
  2. Cognitive Science Meets Philosophy of Science. P. Gärdenfors.
  3. Special Round-Table Symposium on Ethics and Responsibility in Science. W. Salmon.

Affiliated Symposia and their Chairs:

  1. Many Valued Logics for Computer Science. B. Konikowska.
  2. Affiliated Symposium of the Polish Association for Logic and Computer Science. W. Penczek.


Ordinary Members Present:

Australia, Austria, the Baltic Association, Belgium, Canada, China (Taipei), the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States.

Ordinary Members Absent:

Brazil, Chile, China (CAST), Georgia, Hungary, India, Iran, Monaco, Peru, Yugoslavia.

International Members Present:

Association for Symbolic Logic. International Members Absent: International Association for Philosophy of Science, International Academy for Philosophy of Science, C. S. Peirce Society.

1. Opening

After the verification of delegates, President Salmon called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.

2. Minutes of the previous General Assembly

The minutes of the previous General Assembly, published in Synthese (1996) 106(3), 431443, were approved unanimously.

3. Admission of new members

The Executive Committee proposed that the following organizations be admitted as members:

  1. the European Association for Logic, Language, and Information (FOLLI),
  2. the Institute Vienna Circle,
  3. the International Society for History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology,
  4. the Kurt Gödel Society, and
  5. the Polish Association of Logic and Philosophy of Science.

Each organization shall have one vote and will pay no dues.

Professor Ryszard Wójcicki proposed the following amendment B — (i) that the four organizations listed be admitted provisionally as members, and that their membership be reconsidered by the General Assembly at the 2003 Congress; (ii) that the Executive Committee report to the 2003 General Assembly what policies it thinks should be followed in admitting organizations as members, and that it consider adopting a policy whereby organizations pay dues to the Division. The amendment was approved by a substantial majority.

Thus amended, the original proposal from the Executive Committee was approved unanimously.

4. Observer status

The Executive Committee proposed that a new membership category, "observer status", be created. This category will be open just to nations that wish to become ordinary members but are unable to pay dues initially. Such nations, after they are admitted as ordinary members, may apply for observer status. A nation applying for observer status must undertake to become an ordinary dues paying member within four years. Observers will have no votes. The intention is that observer status be a temporary arrangement. This proposal was approved unanimously.

5. Reclassification and termination of members

The Executive Committee recommended the acceptance of the United Kingdom's request that its dues category be raised back to category D. This proposal was approved unanimously.

6. President's report

(6a) The Executive Committee met three times since the 1995 Florence Congress: Prague, 1996, hosted by Petr Hajek, First Vice President; Montpellier, 1998, hosted by Anne Preller, then Treasurer; Cracow, 1999, hosted by Jan Woleński, Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee for the Xith International Congress of DLMPS.

(6b) A DHS-DLMPS Joint Conference on Philosophical Problems in the Historiography of Science, organized by DLMPS and co-sponsored by the Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science, was held in November, 1998, at the University of Pittsburgh. Elliott Sober was Program Chairman; Wesley Salmon was Local Arrangements Chairman.

(6c) Anne Preller, Treasurer of DLMPS, resigned as of 31 December 1998. We are grateful to her for seven years of excellent and faithful service to the Division. As stipulated in the DLMPS Statutes, the President, with the approval of the DLMPS Council, appointed Helmut Pfeiffer, formerly Treasurer of the Division, to serve as temporary Treasurer for 1999. He kindly accepted this responsibility, for which we express our gratitude.

(6d) The Nominating Committee, consisting of John Crossley (Australia), Carlos Di Prisco (Venezuela), Jens Erik Fenstad (Norway), and Wesley Salmon (USA), Chairman, presented the slate of candidates elected at this meeting of the General Assembly.

(6e) The President announced with great sadness the death in 1998 of Jerzy Łoś, who served as President of DLMPS 19791983.

7. Secretary's report

At present 36 Ordinary Members belong to the Division. During 1996, IUHPS/DLMPS helped support a conference on "Recent Trends in the Study of Science: Naturalized Epistemology and the Sociology of Knowledge" (University of Miskolc, Hungary) and a conference on "Logical Foundations of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics — Kurt Goedel's Legacy" (Brno, Czech Republic). During 1997, IUHPS/DLMPS helped support the annual summer meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom, a session on environmental sciences that was part of the annual British Society for the Philosophy of Science meeting at Oxford, UK, and a conference on "Cognitive Models in Science" in Ljubjana, Slovenia. During 1998, the two divisions of our Union (Division of History of Science and Division of Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science) sponsored a joint conference on methodological and historiographical issues raised by the history of science at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa, USA in November 23-25, 1998. The IUHPS/DLMPS also helped support the Association of Symbolic Logic Colloquium in Prague, Czech Republic, in August, 1998.

8. Treasurer's report

This is a kind of secondhand report. The Treasurer elected 1991 in Uppsala for eight years, Prof. Anne Preller, resigned at the end of 1998, because she had the feeling that some for her important disciplines of Logic come short in the Programme of this Congress, particularly concerning the applications of Logic to Computer Science. In this situation the President of the Division, Professor Wesley Salmon, asked me to act as treasurer for the year 1999. I had been Treasurer of the Division from 1983 to 1991 and thus the predecessor of Anne Preller. Though I felt sympathy with the reasons of Mrs. Preller's resignation, I accepted the task, not anticipating that it is difficult to enter a going train and I would become ill in spring up to now.

Although Mrs. Preller promised to prepare the treasurer's report 1995 1998, she provided the figures very carefully, which are available to you now [see Appendix], but she gave comments. Therefore I add some remarks. The general trend indicated in the treasurer's report 1995 in Florence that the Division was getting poorer, continued and increased. As the figures show, the assets of the Division increased from 1995 to 1998 by US$15,316. This is only half of the support of the Division to the Congress here in Cracow, i.e., $32,000. This does not mirror the situation exactly, because the allocations from ICSU and the expenses for scientific activities do not correspond every year. But the principle of the financial policy of the Division, to save the support for the next Congress during the years in between is not gained. In order to keep the assets of the Division, it is important to reduce expenses and increase the income. Remarkably the contributions from Ordinary Members decrease from year to year. This is partially due to fact that more and more members and not only the poor ones -reduce their subscriptions or impose the total bank charges to the Division. Perhaps the delegates present here could ask their paying bodies kindly and cautiously to transfer the full amount. Another possibility to increase the income of the Division is to apply for more financial support from ICSU, because our allocation from ICSU depends on the sum of applications the Division has been submitting. If you or your members plan activities which can be subsidized by the Division, apply to the earliest possible date to the Secretary General in order to get at least partial support from ICSU! How to save expenses in the future is not only a matter of development of the exchange rates, the general inflation, and the bank interests but also of self-imposed moderation with respect to office expenses and the meetings of the Executive Committee.

When I remember my first report as Treasurer of the Division in 1987 I realize that there were the same complaints as today. Somehow the situation was brought under control.

9. Discussion of various items from the floor

It was suggested that the new Executive Committee, when it formulates the program for the 2003 Congress, consider the fact that the logic sections were on the whole rather sparsely attended, whereas there were many contributed papers and participants in the philosophy of physics and methodology sections. It also was suggested that the Division establish a web page on which meetings supported by the Division can be announced. And it was suggested that the Division should consider publishing proceedings of future congresses electronically, rather than in book form.

10. New Executive Committee and Council

The Nominations Committee proposed:

Executive Committee:


This proposal was adopted unanimously.

11. Location of the 12th Congress (2003)

Professor Luis M. Valdes, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oviedo, Spain presented the invitation from Oviedo that the 2003 Congress be held there. The Executive Committee recommended that the General Assembly accept this invitation. The proposal was adopted unanimously.

12. Approving the accounts

Professor W. Harper moved that the task of examining and approving the accounts of the Division be delegated to the Division's Council. This proposal was adopted unanimously. See Appendix. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Elliott Sober Secretary, IUHPS/DLMPS

[Financial appendix to be added]